About Wizardworks

The Wizardworks team has extensive experience and a wide variety of expertise. Our talented group of web professionals have collective previous experience creating online solutions for Yahoo!, Rolex, Rolex Institute sites such as Ashes and snow, The Home Depot, Albertsons, LVCVA, Mercedes-Benz, Alberta College of Art and Design and CBC. The Wizardworks philosophy includes continuing to experiment with new ways of doings things in order to be prepared to solve problems that do not yet exist. Our proactive staff was selected in part due to their experience fearlessly tackling problems for which there were no current solutions. The combination of using tried and true existing methods with avant-garde techniques results in a final product that is efficient, functional, reliable and trend setting.

With a wealth of expertise spanning all areas of the web, Wizardworks is able to undertake multi-faceted projects requiring interdisciplinary experience. Whether your needs require a static web site, e-commerce solution, complete Content Management System, Search Engine Optimized site, Flash interface site, Blogs, a type of Social Networking or a combined integration of solutions, our team not only has the necessary experience, we are the industry leaders.

The founder of Wizardwords, Jim McFadyen, created the company in 2002 as an additional outlet for his vast web expertise. Jim is viewed by many of his peers as a leader in the technical Search Engine Optimization field. He has architected never before implemented online solutions pertaining to the creation of Flash interface web sites that are Search Engine friendly, and rank well in search results. He has spoken at various Search Engine Strategies conferences on such topics as CSS, Ajax, Web 2.0, and Flash with respect to Search Engines. Jim enjoys ongoing oppourtunities to share his wealth of cutting edge knowledge and welcomes the continued chance to speak about a wide variety of topics.

Now that we've told you a little about Wizardworks and our team, we'd like to learn a little more about you! Contact us.