Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A web site's chances of being found through an organic search using a search engine (ie Google, Bing,Yahoo!) is dramatically increased by ranking higher in the search results. These results are not randomly generated, and the criteria responsible for the results is not easily predictable. When considering the factors that drive traffic from search engines to a web site, volume alone is an insufficient indicator of successful marketing. Instead, it's the quality of a web sites traffic that enhances a site's ability to convert potentially passive visitors into clients. Simply put, a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign should result in an increase is site visitors that are actually looking for what you offer.

Wizardworks is an industry leader with a proven track record of developing successful search engine based marketing strategies. We can use optimization techniques to make your web site more visible and help drive prospective clients to your site. Our SEO team constantly conducts research to better understand the methods search engines use to produce their results. It's also possible to use Search Engine Optimization to target visitors that are not directly searching for your offering. A certain percentage of search engine users could be potentially interested in your offering before they even consciously decide to start looking. Our talented online market researchers are well versed in techniques used to determine these unexploited target areas. This can potentially produce a higher volume of quality traffic, resulting in an increased conversion rate (percentage of visitors who land on your site and either 'click', 'buy', 'download' or otherwise complete a desired action) and new business for your company.

Wizardworks creates custom search marketing campaigns for each client and/or application. We offer a variety of white-hat, best practice solutions to help drive the right traffic to your site. These solutions can often include a range of implementations such as underlying technology fixes, content creation, SEO copyrighting services, link building, and paid initiatives. In a nutshell, our aim is to create SEO strategies that not only result in increased traffic, but also attract the right visitors and increase conversions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing most often refers to Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies that utilize available space on the search engine results page for the placement of paid advertisements. The most commons types of search based PPC ads are run using Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. When a user types a given search term into Google etc., the search engine generates the top 10 most relevant pages and displays them down the center. Above and to the right side of these organic results, are PPC ads.

Wizardworks has extensive experience with Search Engine Marketing especially in terms of running elaborate, multi campaign initiatives sometimes each with hundreds of ads running at once. We lead our SEM campaigns with the goal of achieving the maximum amount of desired actions, on budget, with the highest ROI.

Achieving maximum ROI on a PPC campaign is a challenge with many factors. After gathering requirements, we begin our process by ensuring the keyword research is in depth and there are proper, well-optimized landing pages. Then we break out the campaign into smaller, similar ad groups, each group targeting a specific subset of business. Once we've written the ads, we closely monitor the performance of the campaign on a granular level, reacting and tweaking the campaign throughout its duration.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

At Wizardworks, we see the big picture when it comes to SMM. We can help your team uncover aspects of your business best suited for social media. For example, components of your product offering that can be tweaked and turned into easily shareable content. We can find divisions of your company with the most potential to attract organic, authentic engagement in the social media world. We can help humanize your brand, give a personality to your brand voice and allow your users/clients/customers to feel something for your brand other than just the need your product addresses. We can help you build your brand online in ways that best highlight your strengths and in some cases, talk openly and honestly about your weaknesses. Used correctly, social media can be an instantaneous feedback mechanism that allows you to monitor your brand in real time.

More than just another avenue to push out content, effectively using social media allows you to listen as well. Listening to what's being said about your brand or industry online is now becoming much more valuable than tradition focus groups or market research. We'll teach you how to identify potential unsolicited brand evangelists and how to get them talking about your brand. As well, we'll teach you that negative comments or loud voices criticizing your brand is not something to fear, in fact it's something to embrace and learn from.

Web Site Design

At Wizardworks, we can supplement any of our core services with an effective web site design. If you have an existing site in need of updating, we can focus our efforts towards helping your web site fully realize its potential. If you're in need of a completely new web site design, our talented web design team can analyze your needs, conceptualize the layout, plan the functionality and execute the design with precision. We take great care not only in analyzing your needs, but also in carefully exploring the needs of your clients. As well, we're focused on helping you effectively administer your existing clients while implementing strategies to acquire new business. This idea remains a driving force behind our powerful and engaging web site designs. Our goal is to create a web site design that best exemplifies your values, highlights your strengths, effectively markets your products/services and enhances your visitor's experience.

Blog Creation

Blogs can be powerful tools for both individuals and businesses. In a marketplace increasingly crowded with 'noise', blogs are a more personal platform that gives your company a voice (or voices) and a way to listen to your audience. Blogs promote two way communication between your brand and your users/customers/clients, your employees and even the competition. You can use this dialog to provide (what was once perceived as privileged) access to the inner workings of your company. When directed towards your customers, it serves as another avenue to build customer loyalty, increase brand recognition and generally aid public relations. You can extend the presence of your brand beyond its core services by using blogs to create a community continually strengthened by social interaction. When using an internal blog to communicate with your employees, it generally serves to improve the culture and strengthen the flow of communication. As well, corporate blogs can generate a buzz about your organization and help drive additional traffic towards your company. As a way to listen to the marketplace, blogs can provide valuable, real-time insights into your business and marketplace that were once impossible. Wizardworks can design a customized blog and assist you in developing the message, while targeting the audience.

eCommerce Solutions

Wizardworks specializes in integrating seamless Business To Business (B2B) or Business To Client (B2C) solutions within your current business and technical infrastructure, or we can build a solution from scratch. We offer end-to-end solutions that allow you to manage your content, online transactions, order processing and customer relations all within a secure environment. We understand the various difficulties associated with offering online transactions. We create solutions with compelling designs and provide tools that allow your customers to confidently complete their online transactions. We also focus heavily on conversion by removing barriers to sales. We accomplish this by mining usage data, detecting problems in the goal funnel and creating ways to make the purchase flow smoother.